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Check out this video of our LGBTQ contingent at the May 5th, 2013 immigration march in Dallas, TX. 

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 PHOTOS: LGBT group joins March for Citizenship in Dallas

Anonymous said: When and where do you all have meetings? I'd love to come.

Are you undocumented and queer? Send us an email at, and we’ll send you the details about our next meeting. 

Apr 28

LGBTQ Contingent at Dallas Immigration March

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Join the LGBTQ contingent at the May 5th immigration march in downtown Dallas, Texas. Our contingent will be meeting in front of the Meyerson Symphony Center (2301 Flora St, Dallas, TX) at 12:30pm and later join the march which will begin at the Cathedral of Guadalupe, and finish at Dallas City Hall.

Let’s make sure Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer issues are addressed in any immigration reform. 

We will be marching under the banner of “NO LGBTQ Exclusion! Migrant rights. Queer rights. Human rights.”*

***Bring your rainbow flags!***



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May 5th 2013 “Citizenship for All” march!



*THANKS to CultureStrike and undocumented and queer artists JULIO SALGADO and YAHAIRA CARRILLO for creating and DONATING the queer inclusion posters we will be marching with. 

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Apr 13

Resources for Lambda Legal Youth Summit Participants

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Jan 14

But some argue that including the rights of same-couples in reform could fracture the growing immigrant rights coalition. Evangelical and Catholic groups, key allies in the immigration reform push, generally oppose gay marriage and recognition of same-sex couples.

“Family unity is one of our key principals in immigration reform,” said Gaylen Carey, head of government relations for the National Association of Evangelicals, which is part of a coalition of evangelical groups supporting an immigration overhaul. “But we also have a well known principal on family composition. We support a family and marriage between a man and women. We could not support those provisions.”

Carey says that including gay rights in a reform package could throw a wrench in what he believes is an unusual opportunity to pass an immigration reform bill. “It should not muddy the waters in what should be a consensus on immigration reform,” Cary said. “Opponents of immigration will make it into a wedge issue.”

Prerna Lal disagrees. She says the claims by social conservative supporters no longer hold water. “If anything, immigration is the wedge issue now, not LGBT rights, which have gained mainstream support. It’s become more and more unpopular to deny people equal rights.”

Where Does Immigration Reform Begin for Same-Sex Couples?

The Jotas Sin Papeles Y Sin Permiso Tour, by Julio Salgado and Yosimar Reyes

The Jotas Sin Papeles Y Sin Permiso Tour, by Julio Salgado and Yosimar Reyes

Oct 25

In this video, NIJC Associate Director of Litigation Claudia Valenzuela interviewed her client Bibi [a transgender immigrant woman] about her experiences during more than six months in solitary confinement at a CCA detention center in North Georgia.

Sign the petition to end solitary confinement in immigration detention:

News: Dia De Los Muertos Rally to Release Gay Immigrant

A Dia De Los Muertos rally and march is taking place in downtown Ann Arbor Nov. 3 for the release of Hugo Gallardo Petatan from detainment at Monroe County Jail.

Petatan left his hometown in Mexico after being bullied as a child and physically tortured for being gay. Leaving behind a difficult childhood and family life, Petatan came to the United States. Five years later, in Oct. 2011, Petatan was arrested outside of an Ann Arbor gay bar and accused of indecent exposure and inappropriate touching. According to, his partner Tim Hunter, Petatan was represented by an attorney who did not speak Spanish and dedicated little time to their case. Ultimately, Petatan was charged with a misdemeanor but was handed over to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to be detained and deported.

Petatan has been held in immigration detention for a year and is slated for deportation very soon.

Rally organizers are hoping to draw attention to Hugo’s case and help him be released from detainment and returned to his partner. The rally will be held at noon Nov. 3 at Liberty Plaza on the corner of Division and Liberty in Ann Arbor. Incorporating Dia De Los Muertos, the rally’s theme is “Death to Deportation” and attendees are encouraged to dress as skeletons.

Ann Arbor LGBT community leader and advocate Jim Toy will be speaking, as will Hunter. Toy said he intends to address and frame Hugo’s story within the case for universal human and civil rights.

This rally has the support of organizations such as One Michigan,, Washtenaw Interfaith Coalition for Immigration Rights and Jim Toy Community Center. All are also encouraged to call ICE at 202-732-3000 and urge for the release of Hugo Gallardo Petatan (A#200-299-394) from Monroe County Jail, citing his low-priority case status and his past torture in Mexico. A petition is also available at